Treat Yo Mom! - Five Gift Ideas that Your Mom Would Love This Mother's Day

Treat Yo Mom! - Five Gift Ideas that Your Mom Would Love This Mother's Day

Moms. The most amazing creatures to walk this Earth. Strong, hardworking, fearless, they deserve it all. But on this Mother's Day, a day created specifically for them to not have to do ANYTHING, let's get them something that will make them feel like the goddesses that they are! I'm going to share with you some of my favorite things to give my mom and hopefully it'll give you some ideas for yours! 

Gift #1: A Massage

Look, carrying & giving birth to a child is very taxing on the human body. I mean women's organs are literally moved by a growing parasite inside of them (it's a miracle, right). Babies are literally pushing your organs in a corner. It's pretty understandable how moms' bodies are falling apart. Even if your mom did not physically give birth to you, those long, stressful nights of raising you still takes a toll (trust me, I'm sure you weren't easy to deal with.)

My mom is still talks about how we've ruined her body to this day. So every year, my siblings and I put together our money to give my mom a massage package for the longest massage ever. She always says how someone could roll over her back with a truck and it would feel good, so obviously a deep tissue is the only option. You can find some reasonably priced massages on Groupon, like this one here. This is a literal feel good gift.


Gift #2: A Sentimental Letter

Face it, mom's are the mushiest, sentimental people ever. My mom has kept everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that I've made her in my life (I am 26, that's a lot of crap). I'll find her sometimes looking through her memorabilia and get extra teary eyed about how her babies are no longer babies, then I have to pull her away so that she doesn't drown in her tears.

So what's more perfect than giving your mom something personalized and special that she can look back on? My favorite thing to give is definitely a card with a handwritten note inside (Obviously, that's why I started a card shop!) I've been making handmade cards since I could write haha!

Tell her how much she means to you or maybe even write an apology letter for your angsty teenage years! Here are some of my new Mother's Day cards that would def make your mom laugh until she cries (happy tears this time!)

Gift #3: A Personalized Thang

Piggybacking onto the sentimental letters and how moms literally keep everything (my mom still has my first hair clippings, I'm not joking!); give your mom something personalized. Something cute that she could wear everyday like cute dainty necklaces with all of her kids birthstones. Something that she can snuggle with if she's feeling nostalgic like a blanket with all of her kid's faces on them. Here are some cute options that your mom might love, from my fellow handmade sellers:


Gift #4: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Again, tying back to the "my babies are no longer babies" breakdown that a mom has at least twice a day. Why not recreate some of those memories???? My favorite thing that I have seen on Twitter are those recreating childhood photo posts. I literally die laughing at the before and afters! Exhibit A:

Gather your siblings (if you have any), find the closest outfits that match the picture and stage those photos so that they set the scene. It's the perfect gift that'll give your mom a laugh, and is inexpensive, but makes those memories shine!

Or another option is to get some of your old childhood photos remastered, blown up and framed so that she can hang them in her office, or put them on her desk and use them to tell embarrassing stories about you to her coworkers/friends. Either way, a picture captures memories and can be used to transport back in time. It's the perfect gift for a mom.


Gift #5: Quality Time

Okay, so I know that this one should be given to your mom all the time and it's kind of a cliche, but let's be real, being an adult is so time consuming. It's unfortunate that we live in a world where we are constantly going with work, that we don't take the moments to spend time with the people that we love. This Mother's Day, clear your schedule. You are spending the day with your mom! 

Start in the morning. Pick her up and take her to a nice brunch (because food is the best gift ever, duh!). A bonus if the brunch offers mimosas. Get your mom a little tipsy for her day haha

If you're in the DC/Maryland area, here are a few of my fave brunch spots.

After brunching and with bellies full, it's time for pampering. Go get manicures and pedicures! Get those calicious scrapped off, relax in that message chair together and talk. Reminisce about old times and laugh. Or just knock out because you have the itis. It's the thought that counts!

Then tell your mom to get dolled up and take her to a nice dinner. Anywhere that she wants or has always wanted to go. Treat her like the queen that she is.

Or if your on a budget, simply spend the day at the house, cooking and chatting about old times. Quality time with someone you love is invaluable! Time literally waits for no one and you'll blink and she's an old lady. Take advantage of being able to be with and love on your mom <3

Moms deserve all of these things and more ALL DAY URY DAY, but giving them a special day that is all about them makes them feel loved and appreciated even more. 

We love you moms! Happy Mother's Day!

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