A Look Into the Crystal Ball of 2019

A Look Into the Crystal Ball of 2019
Whew aren't we glad 2018 is OVER! It seemed like the longest and shortest year of my life. I struggled with my motivation, my mental health and a clear vision for Siyo Boutique - but my year wasn't completely horrible. I more than doubled my sales, launched my website (YAY!), introduced my first wrapping paper designs, and got my first wholesaler! 
I'm so optimistic for 2019, I can hardly contain it! I'm entering this year with a clear mind, loads and loads of motivation and brand new spanking products. So many juicy, sassy and cool ideas just flourishing in my brain and can't wait to share with y'all!
Here's what you can look out for this year:
  • Tote Bags (stop using plastic bags, the Earth's DYING)
  • Stickers, stickers, stickers. Stick them everywhere! On your laptop, water bottles, helmets, skateboards, body, whatever!
  • New Wrapping Paper designs for all holidays
  • Prints that say exactly how you feel, but with style.
  • More Mugs for all the chugs!
  • AND of course, my trusty and true greeting cards with new designs, better quality and same ole' sass.
My goal is to continue to grow and for y'all to continue to grow in love with my products! I can't thank you enough for your continuous support & excitement! Let's cheers to a great year!

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