It all started when I was a young whippersnapper with no money, wanting to give gifts to everyone (because I'm such a sweet, caring soul). I opted for the cute DIY gifts that usually got put in the back of my parent's closets. Obviously, a gift wouldn't be complete without a card! And thus, Siyo Boutique was born!

Kidding, I opened Siyo in 2017, after I couldn't find a job fresh out of grad school (story of EVERYONE'S life). BUT my love for DIY and drawing has always played a major part in my life. It just so happens that I also have a sassy, sarcastic, blunt mouth to pair with that creativity. Needing an outlet for all of this modge podge of creativity, I tapped back into my childhood mind & decided to make greeting cards as a stress relieving hobby.

I've used Etsy in the past to buy handmade jewelry and phone cases and completely loved how everything was created by small shops with love, blood, sweat and tears. So after a day (or several days) of research, I decided to open Siyo Boutique (formally known as Siyo Cards)! In the first year alone, I learned sooooo much and I'm still learning sooooo much. But I love this journey that I'm on and can't wait to see where my cards, mugs and other products end up in the world!

Siyo Boutique has been sold to individuals all around the globe and hopes to be entering in various shops within the year. I design, draw, hand-letter and cut all of the cards in my bedroom studio (so it's for real homemade!) Each design is printed on quality paper, accompanied by a colorful envelope and protected in a cello sleeve.

I hope that you can find something in my shop that makes you chuckle, laugh-out-loud or even pee a little. If you're a boutique who's thinking about about adding Siyo Boutique to your shelves, you really should! I'm just saying, the cards are pretty darn great. If you're here to browse or window shop like I do in between payday, welcome lovelies! I love y'all + thank you for making my life cheery :)




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